Privacy Policy

As of 4th February 2020.We, KASIKORN VISION Company Limited. ("KVision") hereby declare our policy to safeguard confidential information of our visitors who visit our website. From time to time KVision may revise these terms and conditions. KVision always reserves its right to modify this website and its terms and conditions without any notice.

For Visiting our website

You may visit our website and find out our services, and read more about us without giving us any information about yourself. KASIKORN VISION is committed to continuous improvement of our website.

We may use software tools to gather information about site visitors' browsing activities in order to target areas for improvement, gathered Information may include date and time of visits, pages viewed, time spent at the site, browser types, internet service provider, and the site visited just before and just after the KASIKORN VISION site.

Collection and Retention of Personal Information

Information regarding our visitors is used solely in the legitimate conduct of our business. Visitor information will not be used, collected, or retained unless KASIKORN VISION has a legitimate business purpose to do so. We will collect personal information directly from you through requests for information, and value-added services that require personal contact with you. If you choose to provide personal information, such as address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as demographic and visitor identification, we will maintain this information, as well as your business activities and transactions, according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

Our visitors' information will be collected and retained during the course of a business relationship with you. For instance, when you send e-mail to KASIKORN VISION, we will retain the content of the e-mail, the e-mail address and our response in order to handle further questions which you may have, or necessary to follow-up, and to monitor how well we're responding to visitors’ questions and concerns.

Disclosure of personal information

KASIKORN VISION does not and will not provide or sell your personal information to any third party for independent use. Further, we will not disclose your personal information to external organizations unless;

  1. 1. You request or authorize KASIKORN VISION to do so, or
  2. 2. The disclosure otherwise is lawfully permitted or required

KASIKORN VISION may be required, just for example, to disclose information about our visitors. When KASIKORN VISION is required by a subpoena, court order. KASIKORN VISION may also be required to share this information with governmental regulatory authorities, by applicable law.

KASIKORN VISION contracts with the third-party service providers to develop and maintain KASIKORN VISION's transaction processing systems and provide other materials or services on KASIKORN VISION behalf. All third-party service providers working with or on behalf of KASIKORN VISION agree to safeguard our visitor's information and must abide by applicable law. Whenever KASIKORN VISION employs other organizations to provide support services, they are required them to conform to KASIKORN VISION's privacy standards.

Security procedures to protect information

KASIKORN VISION maintains a strong security standard in order to help prevent against loss or unauthorized access to your personal information.

Maintenance of Accurate Information

KASIKORN VISION has the procedures to assure that your information is accurate, current, and complete in accordance with commercial standards. KASIKORN VISION also has the procedures to respond to your requests for a correction of inaccurate information in timely manner.